Data Management – Active Archiving

Improve the performance of all your production applications, and minimize your infrastructure costs by having GCS Data management experts deploy our Infosphere Optim™ solution. We will archive your historical data from any application on any database and infrastructure to reduce the footprint of your production databases. Less data for your applications to have to churn through will dramatically improve the performance for your business.
We will create an archive repository that you can query online with any BI tool, ensuring that you have ready access to that data for any audit, regulatory, and analysis purposes. Our archive repository is highly compressed and retains the referential integrity of your data. That means all you need in storage is a fraction of what the data consumed in production without losing its contextual meaning.
And restoring the data is straightforward as well. Regardless of how much data is included in an archive process, we can restore as much or as little data as you require.

Data Management – Application Retirement

Don’t leave your historical data behind!

When GCS migrates you to the Nextworld next generation of enterprise software, we will migrate the necessary active data from your legacy system. Usually, that include the current year plus one or two prior years, or as much as your business needs. But, we will not leave all prior years of inactive history on the legacy system. If we did that, you would be faced with continuing to run that system and continue to incur the costs to run and support the infrastructure, the application and the database – and that is inefficient!
You want your employees to focus on the future. GCS Infosphere Optim™ Data management experts will archive all the historical data that is not migrated to Nextworld and create an archive repository, retaining the referential integrity of your data, and making it available for your users to query and report on that data as needed, without requiring that you continue to use the old application to do so. We execute this archiving process as a parallel project with the deployment of Nextworld, facilitating the easy and timely decommissioning of your legacy application.
We can even apply your corporate data retention policies to the archive repository to ensure that your data disposal polices are executed in the archive, and account for legal holds in the process.
By integrating our Application Retirement solution and services with the deployment of Nextworld enterprise services, you will the only complete and future-proof solution for your business.
Optim Data Growth Solution helps you manage data growth with Archive, an Optim component that provides everything you need to create and manage archives of relationally intact data from databases with any number of tables, interconnected with any number of DBMS and application‑managed relationships, regardless of their complexity.