Data Mangement - Infosphere Optim

Migrating your business into the future of next generation enterprise software does not mean you have to leave your historical data behind. As an IBM Premier Business Partner GCS resells, implements, and supports the IBM InfoSphere® Optim™ solutions to manage customers’ data from requirements to retirement. Our solutions boost performance, empower collaboration and improve governance across applications, databases and platforms. By managing data properly over its lifetime, organizations are better equipped to support business goals with less risk.

optim data management

IBM Infosphere Optim features:

Application retirement and consolidation

Archive data from decommissioned applications and historical transaction records, while providing ongoing access to the data for query and reporting that is compliant with retention regulations.

Single scalable archiving solution for the enterprise

Lack of Data Archiving can impair the performance of mission-critical enterprise systems. Solve data growth problems at the source, improve efficiency and minimize the risks associated with managing structured data throughout its lifetime.

Maximize the business value of big data environments

Obtain proven data lifecycle management capabilities, maximizing the business value of data warehouse and big data environments through managing data growth and lowering TCO.

Comprehensive test data management capabilities

Scale data across applications, databases, operating systems and hardware platforms. Thus, securing your test environments, accelerating release cycles and reducing costs.

optim data management