Built by accountants, for accountants

GCS is an authorized reseller partner with Nextworld, the one company developing the next generation of ERP software on a No-Code platform and built entirely for the cloud from the ground up. Our application suites for Financials, Supply Chain, and Real Estate Management are put in the hands of Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts for a seamless user experience.

Imagine using an accounting system literally built by accountants, people who truly understand the issues you encounter every day and the best way to solve them. The result is financial software that includes delivered best practices, a flexible G/L structure, and built-in analytics that matter to you.
Nextworld financial management software helps you see your business better, automate processes, weed out inefficiencies, and uncover opportunities. It simplifies compliance and enforces controls. You can manage the entire lifecycle of your general ledger, billing, receivables, payables, and fixed assets activity in our No-Code platform.



Business thrives on insight. But you need more than intuition and best guesses to make the right decisions. Nextworld serves up the actionable insights you need to seize new opportunities and find smarter, more efficient ways to drive change and grow your business.
See the big picture and all the details with drillable dashboards.
Equip your leaders with the relevant, role-based information they need to act quickly.

Analyze financial statements and management reports using a single set of financial data, ensuring one version of truth.
Pivot on any dimension across finance, supply chain, and other areas with built-in ad-hoc reporting.
Add deeper context to your reporting by integrating any source with your Nextworld data.


best practices

Operate efficiently. Nextworld comes with pre-configured best practices, so you can get started sooner and be productive right away. You can make the changes you need to fit the way your business works.

  • Automate processes and approvals with our robust workflow engine.
  • Track team performance and spot errors sooner with operational dashboards.
  • Shorten your days to close and produce month-end reports more quickly with our period close checklist.
  • Manage the entire budget cycle from creation to approvals and reporting — without spreadsheets.
  • Use built-in name and date fields and take advantage of multi-company, multi-book, and multi-currency capabilities to ease localization.



Change is coming. Shouldn't your software help you embrace it? With Nextworld, you have the flexibility to make changes without causing your business to grind to a halt.

  • Extend our functionality or build your own, all in the same, No-Code platform.
  • Eliminate the risk of shifts in technology and future-proof your ERP with our metadata-based financial management software.
  • Change your company structure and chart of accounts at any time, with a full audit trail of every modification.
  • Adjust workflows or create new ones to immediately implement change across your entire organization.
  • Stay on top of new accounting standards in areas such as revenue recognition and lease accounting.


Nextworld’s comprehensive audit and security features increase the effectiveness of internal controls and track every change made throughout the system. The result: streamlined compliance and more secure data.

  • Capture every transaction and log every event. The Nextworld Automated Transaction Engine (NATE) auto-saves your work every second and can undo complex transactions.
  • Maintain clear segregation of duties with built-in security controls.
  • Reduce risk by preventing unauthorized transactions and access.

Control what each user can view through security at the field, row, action, or workflow status level.