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The GCS leadership team has decades of experience in the enterprise software industry. For many years GCS has partnered with its customers all over the world to provide the most efficient enterprise level solutions and prepare them for the future changes in technology, ensuring that they stay ahead of what’s next in ERP and Data management technology. Today, that focus is centered in the SaaS plus PaaS architecture for future-proof ERP and Data management integrated solutions

By partnering with the one company developing the next generation of ERP software on a No-Code platform and built (not migrated) for the cloud from the ground up, GCS is focused on dramatically simplifying the way companies run their businesses. We enable customers to focus on their businesses, and not on the expensive complexity of maintaining servers, databases, and enhancements. Our application suites for Financials, Supply Chain, Education, and Real Estate Management are put in the hands of Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts for a seamless user experience.

GCS is the go-to partner for customers who wish to implement a Data management strategy as a means of managing their exponential data growth in the enterprise or simplify and consolidate their application and data footprint by safely retiring legacy and redundant applications, while retaining online access to the data. So as you migrate to your next generation of enterprise application, maximize the value of that investment by having GCS create your Archive Repository and you can effectively decommission your legacy application, servers, and databases. There is no need to keep your legacy application running just to have access to the historical data.