Imagine a cloud-based development platform where business analysts can build industrial-strength applications without needing a technical background. The Nextbot platform requires zero code and delivers enterprise applications exponentially faster than anything else on the market.

nextbot dashboard


The Nextbot toolkit makes it possible for business experts to build and change applications on their own — in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional solutions. Our platform supports the advanced functionality required to fit a sophisticated process or customer need. You can build it yourself — all without code.

nextbot app builder


There are standard best practices, then there are your best practices — the things you do that set you apart. With the Nextbot platform, you can configure any application to fit the unique way you do things.
Speak your own language. We’ve made it easy to change field names and descriptions to match the terminology your company already uses.
Because “close enough” is never good enough. Do you have a business process that makes you unique? With Nextbot, you can keep refining, adjusting, and improving until you get it just right.
Ready to innovate. Any customizations you make stay in a layer on top of the original Nextworld application. You can try out new ideas and always go back to the base application.
Quality from the ground up. When you build applications on our platform, you can rely on automatically generated tests that run in the background.



Nextworld separates the platform that holds your technology from the applications that facilitate your business processes. This means that when technologies such as augmented reality become reality, you can embrace them. No re-implementation required.
Other software companies might take 5-10 years rewriting their software to embrace new technologies. By the time they do, the rewrite is already obsolete. Rather than fight to keep up, Nextworld helps you stay ahead of what’s next.