Graduate to the next-generation student information system


A one-size fits-all approach doesn’t work in education, which means it doesn’t work for the software that supports it. Nextworld offers the core functionality you need to streamline day-to-day operations — and you can personalize the system to your school’s needs. After all, education is all about growing and changing. Your software should keep ahead.
Running a school is challenging enough. You don’t have time to worry about software upgrades, patches, load balancing, or uptime. That’s why Nextworld Student runs in the cloud. Your software stays up-to-date on the latest features, updates, and patches — while maintaining all your customizations.



Teachers, registrars, counselors, administrators, deans, parents and students —they all need to stay in-the-know. Our unified data system gives them role-based dashboards and reports. Use Nextworld K12's built-in business intelligence and analytics features or integrate it with your own to answer your school’s big questions with data.

  • Stay on top of attendance, conduct, and behavior through student-level tracking.
  • Report and review student conduct to intervene quickly according to your Early Alert and Student Success programs.
  • Monitor the latest student grades, GPAs, and standardized test scores over time and keep track of student involvement in athletics and extracurricular activities.
  • Manage a record of the people and organizations involved in each student’s development.
  • Keep parents in the loop with a portal designed just for them. Find contact information for all the student's key contacts: teachers, coaches, counselors, etc.



Students bring a lot to school each day — beyond what’s in their backpacks. Each student carries a world of information from basic contact information, to data on their family and school relationships, course grades, attendance, and behavioral conduct. Nextworld Student 360 builds a holistic view of each student.

  • Maintain up-to-date contact and demographic information.
  • Understand each student’s network of family and school relationships.
  • Access complete records on billing and tuition assistance.
  • Track any type of standardized tests to a student, over time: whether they are entrance exams, personality tests, national or regional standardized tests, Nextworld Student lets you track any and all types of test scores.



Nextworld K12's master scheduler makes it easy to align your master schedule with your school’s schedule framework. Build a schedule based off of your defined constraints (including teacher and department off blocks, maximum number of sections per course, and more) and modify it from there, or drag-and-drop your own master schedule from scratch with our pivot grid.

  • Maintain multiple master schedules for your school, determined by grade. Separate your K-5 and 6-8 grades to maximize your facilities’ and teachers’ time.
  • Use the scheduler’s genetic algorithm to save your registrar time and easily modify it using the intuitive drag-and-drop pivot grid.
  • Start your master schedule from scratch by viewing in any dimension your master scheduler would like (room, teacher, block, course section) in the customizable pivot grid.



Nextworld K12 is designed to easily share information with the other systems you rely on to keep teachers, parents, and administrators informed and engaged. Nextworld K12 ensures system interoperability and scalability, and adapts to changes in both technology and your staffing.

  • Streamline day-to-day administration through seamless integration with donor management and financials.
  • Connect your payment processing system to manage activity charges and tuition billing.
  • Integrate final grades from any third-party learning management system (LMS) with report cards and transcripts in Nextworld K12.
  • Extend your functionality or build your own, all in the same, no-code system and without the help of a software developer.



Security is paramount, digitally and physically, to both your school and its educational mission. Your information security policy helps ensure student success, and Nextworld K12 is built to support your data. And since we are hosted in the cloud, security updates and patches are handled promptly and seamlessly for you.

  • Control access to your data from the application level all the way down to each individual field level.
  • Set roles and permissions per individual user with our pre-defined role and permission hierarchy or design your own.
  • Review changes to any field through the audit log with the ability to undo any complex transactions.
  • Minimize risk and adhere to both government and internal compliance and governance requirements, including FERPA and HIPAA.
  • Define workflow states and conditions that model your transaction lifecycle and increase productivity through automated notifications and approvals.